The Bradley® Method with Susan Rotman

Congratulations on your pregnancy and discovering the Bradley® Method of Natural Childbirth!  My classes focus on Mom and Dad as a team. Students learn the keys to a healthy pregnancy and staying low risk through proper nutrition, exercise, and relaxation. You will learn to understand labor and how to cope with it.  We cover the stages of labor, the role of hormones in birth, positions for labor, pain coping techniques.  All of my couples are trained in American Red Cross® Infant CPR.  Prior students visit and tell their birth stories for inspiration and to answer questions.  We role play and labor rehearse. Breastfeeding is introduced and tips for success are discussed.  The last class covers post partum and newborn care. My Bradley classes cover virtually ALL aspects of pregnancy, childbirth and beyond!

This comprehensive class will allow me to prepare you to be an intelligent consumer of birth services. As an informed couple you will arrive at your birth with the confidence, the knowledge, and the skill to accomplish your birth goals.

When you read the testimonials on this site you will get a feel for the way that my couples have benefited from their time with me.  Thank you very much for considering my class.  I wish you the BEST BIRTH!


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