Congratulations on your discovery of

The Bradley Method®!

My husband and I are the parents of two happy, healthy and magnificent children born naturally using the Bradley Method®. It was our Bradley® education and natural births that have given our children the very best possible start in life.

In my classes, couples will learn about the many choices that can affect the health of both Mother and baby. As an informed couple, you can expect to come away from my classes with the confidence, the knowledge, and the skill to meet your own personal childbirth goals.

My classes focus on Mom and Dad as a team. Students learn the keys to a healthy pregnancy and successful labor through proper nutrition, exercise, and relaxation. You will learn to understand labor and how to cope with it. I also discuss post partum and newborn care, and I spend almost an entire class on breastfeeding. My Bradley classes cover virtually ALL aspects of pregnancy and childbirth.


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